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  February 20, 2007
Listing dangerously

1. I read all of the Russian spam that makes it into my inbox out loud to see if I can understand it. I have no idea why I do this. Apparently spam written in Cyrillic is more interesting than regular spam.

2. I cannot wait until AJís science fair is over. It is stressing me out.

3. I cannot wait until my conference is over. It is stressing me out.

4. I would give my right arm to have two hours alone in my house. Mr. Spy keeps telling me heís leaving to go to work but then he stays and stays.

5. I love Mr. Spy, but Iím tired of worrying about everyone doing what they need to be doing. I am afraid that later he will be depressed about the fact that he has not left the house today and somehow it will be my fault

6. I have a headache the size of a Buick.

7. I would love to take a nap for about three hours and then wake up and eat the last two cupcakes that are mocking me from the top shelf of the refrigerator. Yes, cupcakes, I can hear you mocking me from all the way upstairs! Mock, mock, mock!

8. Okay, now my cupcakes are mocking me in a voice like the Swedish chef.

9. I do not want to write a handout about archives.

10. I am doing it anyhow.

11. I cannot wait until my conference is over. It is stressing me out.

12. I still want cupcakes. Or pudding.

13. There are two new posts up at AJís Clubhouse. One is another wonderful book review by the lovely freshhell. The other is a much less interesting list of ways to help kids have fun learning to read by me. Pay us a visit! Bring cupcakes!

14. If itís not an outline or a list, it doesnít get written here today.

15. Second entry today. Click back for Mardi Gras links.

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