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  May 23, 2007
If Chicago has the balls, why don't we?

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Readers, I love you. Without Lass and Leigh, I would not know

a) that I am not alone in my failure to correctly interpret the linguistic nuances of Cookie
b) that Gingy is supposedly saying, "Don't Worry" and "Not my gumdrop buttons!"
c) that Gingy is actually planting subliminal messages in my son's head to kill me and steal my car.

I'm watching you, Gingy!

Aside from my failed attempts at decoding the languages of sugary treats, I have been running around in a frenzy of end-of-school-year, beginning-of-summer and almost-a-wedding craziness. In the last two days, I've put together a last minute bachelorette party involving tea at a fancy restaurant and an afternoon at a spa for this Saturday. I've successfully accessorized my both of my wedding dresses (although I'd still kill for a red bakelite bracelet to go with one of them.) I'm hauling them to the tailor this afternoon to see if she can do some fast work on them. I still need to find AJ another shirt or a jacket or both. I hope to have my latest conference proposal done by Friday. And it would be really nice if I could finish the chapter I'm editing by tomorrow, because I'd like to whiz through one more before I leave town next weekend to participate in the aforementioned wedding. This work plan will be hampered somewhat by picnics, . The first is a picnic at AJ's school on Friday. The second is on Memorial Day, which is more of a barbecue and also a parade where I will be trying to prevent AJ from running headlong into the street in front of Shriners on motorized magic carpets. I also need to do some prep work for my water aerobics classes, which I start teaching a week from today. Oy. I thought summer was supposed to be restful. I'm going to need that afternoon at the spa, yes I am. And maybe a bottle of vodka.

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